How to Fix “Too many results” in WoW’s Auctionator Add-on

With the release of Warlords of Draenor, there has been a huge increase of items, reagents and consumables in the Auction House. Now, one of the most common auctioning add-ons is Auctionator, but sometimes, when searching for good deals, scanning, or simply looking for all variations of an item, with a keyword like “Ore”, “Crystal”, “Potion of”, “Glyph of”, “Flask of”, and so on, you might run into Too many results. Please narrow your search error.

Auctionator Too Many Results

Now, while this might not have the same annoying impact on everyone who will eventually narrow their search, some people would still want to proceed and actually see exactly what they searched for, especially with raids coming up this week, when the amount of new materials and consumables will absolutely flood the Auction House. So, this trick should be seen as a prevention as well, not just a fix!

Fix “Too many results. Please narrow your search”

  • Go in your World of Warcraft folder -> Interface -> AddOns -> Auctionator;
  • Locate AuctionatorScan.lua -> right click on it -> press Open or Open With -> select Notepad (or Wordpad) from that list, and open it;
  • On line 401 you will find if (self.current_page == 1 and q.totalAuctions > 5000) (you can also use Ctrl + F to search and find that line of code);
  • Change the 5000 value to 30000 (or any other higher number);
  • Re-log or reload UI in WoW in order for the change to take place;
  • Profit! (pun intended).

Auctionator Too Many Results Fix

Even if this workaround is currently intended to fix Auctionator 3.1.8, searching for if (self.current_page == 1 inside AuctionatorScan.lua will work on all current released versions, and most likely on the upcoming ones as well.

This is pretty much it on how to fix the Too many results. Please narrow your search error in Auctionator, but if you have other tips and tricks regarding the same issue, let us know in the comment section!

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    It works!! Thanks a lot!!

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