20 Letters




Now it's getting serious. This package will greatly increase your unbanning chances because it offers 20 letters!

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  • This unban package offers personal and customized letters written towards the Customer Service of the game you’ve been banned from, with an attempt of getting your account unbanned.
  • With this package you receive up to 20 letters, which can be used at any point, as long as this service is in existence. This means that if you are banned, and we get you unbanned, you are still eligible to use this package if the account is banned again, up to the 20 letter mark.
  • We will write the unban letters for you, and you will forward them yourself to the Customer Service.
  • This unban package can be upgraded to Premium, you just need to pay the difference. Complete the Upgrade Your Package form here and you’ll get a discount code.
  • The Advanced package is only available per account, meaning that the account you’ve initially bought the unban package for, will be the only account which will benefit from this Lifetime package
  • We also offer bulk deals, so if you have several accounts that you want to unban, complete the Bulk Deals form here and we’ll get back to you!