Diablo 3 Banwave with Patch 2.1 Going Live

Hey guys! With the fresh introduction of the patch 2.1 in Diablo 3 we have noticed an increased number in customers claiming to have gotten banned as a result of an alleged use of third party software, making it safe to say there’s a Diablo 3 banwave going on. We are writing this blog post as a heads up for everyone of you out there interested in engaging in the use of bots or other such programs to stop using them, since as of now, with the leaderboards being implemented, everyone using bots will end up being banned.

We don’t really have too many details to share, other than pretty much all Diablo 3 bots are being looked into currently (and possibly detected), such as DemonBuddy, Ghom Bot, etc., and that the ban code is Error 52.

You can find out more details about the new Diablo 3 2.1 patch here.

So, as a bottom line, if you’re among the players using any Diablo 3 bot or third party software at all, and if you care enough about your account, stop as soon as possible or you will get banned.

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