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Several questions that people usually ask us

You have a question, but it’s not listed here? Feel free to use our contact and send us your question!

How can I pay for your unban service? 2015-06-04T11:52:27+00:00

As of now, we are accepting payments via PayPal, Western Union and a variety of Gift Cards.

What makes your service so special? 2015-06-04T11:52:33+00:00

Like we’ve specified throughout our site, we are working along with Sephirofl, who’s been doing this for over three years now. Along with him, we have the experience of utilizing multiple methods, and knowledge of the best ways to approach each individual ban, with each type of support. Not only can we write professional letters to help you get unbanned from your favorite game, but we have other trade secret methods we will provide you with to maximize your chance at getting your gaming account unbanned.

How long have you been doing this, and how successful have you been? 2015-06-04T11:52:38+00:00

This service started in June of 2011. Our success rate is ever changing, but we are confident in saying that the chances of getting your account unbanned with us are very high.

Which games are eligible to benefit from your unbanning services? 2015-06-04T11:52:45+00:00

The typical games we provide unbanning services for, but not limited to, are:

World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Guild Wars, Lineage, League of Legends, SWTOR, Rift, Warhammer, Conquer, Runescape, EVE, Aion, Cabal, Tera, Dekaron, LOTRO, Neverwinter, Age of Wushu, Final Fantasy 11/14, Perfect World, Age of Conan, Planetside, Dota, Playstation, Flyff, APB, Maplestory, Last Chaos, Path of Exile, Neverwinter, Pokemmo, Ultima Online, Vindictus, Metin2, Anarchy Online, Wizard101, Nostale, S4League, Shaiya, Starcraft 2, Uncharted Online, Infestation: Survivor Stories, Age of Wulin, Dark Orbit, DayZ, A.V.A, Aura Kingdom Battlefield 4, Ingress, Elder Scrolls, Atlantica Online, Blacklight Retribution, Elsword, Kanonline, Wildstar, Puzzle Pirates, VAC, and many others.

As long as there is a support system in place for the game you’ve been banned from, we should be able to assist you, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Do you make fake ID’s if the account is not on my name? 2015-06-04T11:52:52+00:00

No, we do not provide nor encourage this type of service! We do not want to be held legally at fault for any occurrences of creating a false identification.

What are the chances of my account to get unbanned? 2015-06-04T11:53:02+00:00

Unbans depend on your account history. The amount of times you have been banned before, the type of ban or the number of appeals you have submitted, all play an important part in the unbanning process. We will need more information in order to provide you with a review of your unban chances.

What type of bans can you help with ? 2015-06-04T11:53:13+00:00

Typically, we can help with nearly any type of ban, but our only exceptions are the following:

  • We cannot service a Chargeback Ban;
  • We cannot service a Credit Card Fraud Ban.
  • I have multiple accounts I want unbanned, do you offer any bulk deals? 2015-02-07T19:20:51+00:00

    Yes, we offer a discount on lifetime service for each additional account you need unbanned. These numbers can be discussed on a term to term basis, depending on the number of accounts.

    Does this service cover all my accounts? 2015-06-04T11:53:19+00:00

    No, this service only covers the account that you’ve purchased a package for.

    Can I upgrade from one service to another ? 2015-06-04T11:53:27+00:00

    Yes, you just need to pay the difference in cost from the previous unban service to the next one.

    What is different about the Premium package? 2015-06-04T11:53:33+00:00

    Certain players need their accounts unbanned immediately for raiding or other types of events. Users who purchase this service will be moved to the front of the queue when they respond. Typically, emails are answered in the order they are received, but this service pushes you to the front. Also, these users will receive up to 30 letters throughout the duration of their accounts existence.

    How long does the Advanced package last? 2015-06-04T11:53:42+00:00

    With this service, you receive up to 20 letters, which can be used at any point, as long as this service is in existence. This means if you are banned, we help you get unbanned, you are still eligible to use our service if the account is banned again, up to the 20 letter mark.

    How long does the Single Unban Letter package last? 2015-06-04T11:53:49+00:00

    This service is exactly what it means, a SINGLE letter attempt at getting your gaming account unbanned.

    Do you need any of my account information or login information? 2015-06-04T11:53:56+00:00

    NO! We will NEVER ask you for any such information. We want your account to be secure at all times.

    If my account remains banned, do I get a refund? 2015-06-04T11:54:06+00:00

    Due to the type of service, we cannot provide any refunds. Even if we cannot help you get unbanned, we still did our very best possible in order to help unban your account, therefore, you’ve received the service you paid for, even if the outcome wasn’t as good as we’ve expected. Think of it as the service a lawyer provides in a Court of Law, because it’s more or less the same thing.

    Does this service guarantee an unban for my account? 2015-06-04T11:54:12+00:00

    Unfortunately, there is no way for this service to 100% guarantee an unban, but it does maximize your chances. We have knowledge and trade secret methods that we utilize in order to offer you the best unbanning chances.