The Elder Scrolls Online Review: Story & Gameplay

When it comes to playing an MMORPG, you always want a massive game world, characters that you can relate to, and interaction between all players online, in the form of guilds and raids. From this review, you’ll find out that The Elder Scrolls Online offers just that!

While new MMORPG franchises have a hard time offering this, ESO comes with a great advantage, thanks to the massive success that the previous single player titles have brought.

The Elder Scrolls Online story

ESO takes place on the continent of Tamriel, and its story is indirectly connected to the other games. In fact, it can be considered as a prequel to those titles, as the action is set about 1000 years before Skyrim.

You will have the opportunity to enroll into one of the multiple factions available, with the main purpose being to rule the land. Most of the races from Skyrim can be found here, although the Imperial needs to be unlocked.

The Elder Scrolls Online gameplay

As you would expect, the game has a massive map, and exploring it is very fun. In fact, this is the thing that will make you play more and more. We already know from Skyrim how diverse the game world is, and in The Elder Scrolls Online things remain pretty much the same. The world is diverse and filled with opportunities, with quests being scattered all over the place.

Despite the large variety of races, there are only 4 classes in this game: the Templar, Dragon Knight, Sorcerer and Nightblade. Each one of these has fleshed out its own set of skills, making ESO quite fun all the time, as you can enjoy playing with multiple characters.

Pretty much like the single player games in the series, the gameplay isn’t linear at all; instead, you have the opportunity to play it in any way you want. There are a multitude of quests, but you can just participate in the random events, or just explore the world, because there are no restrictions at all.

The combat is resembling Skyrim quite a lot, and the missions are fun all the time! What’s a little repetitive, though, is the fact that many missions tend to bring similar tasks, and this can be a little annoying sometimes.

We liked the fact that the social aspect of the game is nicely integrated, as you have the opportunity to join guilds, create raids and engage in dungeon fights with big arse bosses :D. There are also world bosses, which are a fun fight, especially if you’re with your guild.

The interface is really nice and similar to Skyrim, so it’s surely familiar, and the skill tree is also quite easy to understand and use.

There are a few downsides, however:

  • Many regions in the world are locked for expansion purposes;
  • Lag appears sometimes;
  • There are some bugs, but thankfully they aren’t breaking the game. We have to give credit to the devteam which is always listening to players’ complaints and patching up the game.

Here’s a nice gameplay video that you can watch:

Graphics and sounds

As you would expect, there aren’t that many differences when it comes to The Elder Scrolls Online and Skyrim from a graphical standpoint. There are just a few extra technologies implemented here and there, which make the game more appealing.

Animations are nicely created, and the character design is pretty cool; something that you will surely appreciate. The voices, sounds and soundtrack are very good, although some of the voices for the side characters are a little bad sometimes, but these don’t affect the overall experience.

The Elder Scrolls Online system requirements

Minimum system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP 32-bit;
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.0GHz or equivalent processor;
  • Memory: 2GB RAM;
  • Hard Disk Space: 60GB free space;
  • Video Card: DirectX 9.0 compliant video card with 512MB of RAM (NVIDIA GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon 2600 or better);
  • Sound: DirectX compatible sound card.

Recommended system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit or Windows 8 64-bit;
  • Processor: Quad Core 2.3GHz or equivalent processor;
  • Memory: 4GB RAM;
  • Hard Disk Space: 60GB free space;
  • Video Card: Direct X 11 compliant video card with 2GB of RAM (NVIDIA GeForce 560 Ti / ATI Radeon 6950 or better);
  • Sound: DirectX compatible sound card.

You can also use this tool to see if you can run the game.


The Elder Scrolls Online is a massive game, with hundreds of hours worth of content. It’s nice to play, exciting, and it’s a pleasure to explore the world of Tamriel!

The game really has a lot of good stuff vouching for it, and it’s an awesome experience right from the start, despite a few issues. If you also add the fact that ESO will remove the monthly subscription soon, then it’s the perfect time to enter the game world and enjoy it!

We hope you enjoyed The Elder Scrolls Online review that we wrote for you!

Have you played this game, or are you planning to play it? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment!

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