The WoW 2017 Holiday Season Events no Player should Miss

The end of the year is approaching and with it, the World of Warcraft players are gearing up for plenty of exciting in-game events. Many have been wondering what these could be, but now news from the official WoW website has revealed two different happenings. The first is the Feast of Winter Veil that will feature Orgrimmar and Ironforge visited by none other than the Christmas spirit. Thanks to this, the players will find holiday trees, gifts, and many other goodies through the land of Azeroth. The event will be ongoing for the entire month of December and is scheduled to end on the 3rd of January 2018.

The other big WoW Holliday happening is the Fireworks Celebration. This single-day event will take place between 31st of December and 1st of January and it will be visible from every WoW region. As its names suggest, it will consist of a huge fireworks display lasting through the night from New Year’s Eve all the way to the New Year’s Day.

But, staying true to their traditions, Blizzard has a cherry ready to be placed on the top of this Holiday season events cake. The cherry in question comes in the form of Greatfather Winter. He will be handing out special gifts and also allow the players to start snowball fights. Players will be able to retrieve the gifts by completing custom quests involving stolen reindeer or a new boss called Racksum Greep. Also, there will be plenty of festival-only foods that will be available for crafting or purchases.

Of course, like every Holiday season, some WoW players will be unable to attend these events because of their banned accounts. Luckily for them, Santa Clause came early this year and provided them with a company that offers unban services for all big online games, including World of Warcraft. The company is called Unban Service and with the help of their team, a recovery of an account is no longer an impossible mission.

This way, even those who are currently unable to access their banned account can get a chance to enjoy the WoW Holiday events in their full glory.

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