New TERA Class Reaper Details

The upcoming so called Reaper, a new TERA class, will only be available for the Elin race and will require a character of at least level 40. Almost like what they did in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King with the Death Knight, once created, the Reaper will start at level 50, allowing you to skip to more challenging content right away!

The Reaper will also come with some exclusive costumes to wear, combining both its charming and strong warrior side with some plated gothic style dresses.

new tera class reaper outfit

A shadowy fighter who masters in close and mid-range combat, the Reaper uses its dark magic abilities to hop around the battlefield while wielding their sickle and chains and using them to bring enemies closer, swapping their position with their enemy and leaving them confused make it a mid-range melee new TERA class along with a fresh and new TERA gameplay.

The Reaper Class Skills

new tera class reaper skills

The Reaper Key Skills

new tera class reaper key skills

Upon the release of this new TERA class, the game will expand its max character slots number to 12 (currently 8).

Thanks to Yosha, here’s a very nice list of .gifs with the Reaper’s abilities:

New TERA class Reaper Trailer

New TERA class Reaper Gameplay

Source: TeraToday.

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